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ESCUCHARA – How to teach healthy habits online


Last wednesday I was at Ruta N* at the closing of INNGENIO program, where entrepreneurs where presenting new products developed with design thinking methodology. There were 9 products, but 4 of them really took my attention, because, from my point of view, they are changing trends in health, learning, playing and eco-fashion. The first one I’m going to talk about is Escuchara

Go to escuchara (Video)

Escuchara is a social network that is going to change the way we teach our kids how to take care of themselves. It´s just a perfect example of gamification, that combines realitity and virtuality in a perfect way to teach healthy habits and apply them!

*Ruta N: A corporation in Medellín that promotes new businesses based on knowledge and technology)

Contact: Monica Patricia

Email: monica.estrada@metriksolutions.com

Website: http://escuchara.produccion.metriksolutions.com/


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