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REACTABLE – A different way to make music!


Last weekend I was introduced to reactable… this is not an INGENNIO project, but wow! it really amazed me, so I decided to postpone those I owe you and let you get inside the future, (or present?) of making music.

REACTABLE is a project conceived and developed since 2003 by 4 students of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. It is designed in a way any person can make music just by interacting with an electronic table and different kind of squares.

I really don’t think I can make that much explaining, just enjoy it yourself!
And they also have an app so you can make your music anywhere! Amazing

Website: http://www.reactable.com

“Declared the Hot Instrument of the Year by the Rolling Stone Magazine (2007), the Reactable has also received several prestigious international awards”


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