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iWatch: innovation or marketing ploy?


iWatch patent

Since the discovery of the patent application for handheld device with flexible touchscreen that can be worn on the wrist, an avalanche of news with rumors of a smart watch, the Apple iWatch, begin to appear in the media worldwide.

Some publications even say that the iWatch will be the Apple’s next revolutionary product after the iPhone and iPad. It would be a watch that among many features, would use the same operating system as the iPhone and would connect via bluetooth with other devices, such as: mobile phones, tablets and even the Apple TV, serving as a kind of remote control. With the clock you could check emails, Facebook, phone call history, weather, maps, etc.. Including to control some features by voice control using a version of Siri. They even say that the clock could be a revolutionary solution to the security problems of mobile devices. The only problem would be the battery’s life that so far only lasted about two days. The expectation would be that lasted 4 to 5 days for having to be recharged again.

One possible look for iWatch

According to the website Bloomberg, Apple would have more than 100 employees, from various areas of the company, involved in this project and its launch was expected in late 2013.

But this watch would be a revolution or just another rumor to increase the value of Apple shares, as what happened to iPhone5? In recent weeks Apple has submitted a substantial fall in the value of their shares, causing the value of the company fell short of the $ 400 billion. Not that this is serious matter, but since the death of Steve Jobs the company has gone through some difficult times. In this scenario a new product could turn things around and make, Apple’s new presidente, Tim Cook’s life better.

From the point of view of innovation, is not from today that the technology companies put on the market watches that do more than tell us what time it is. In 1976 the Orient Touchtron Watch already had a touch screen that lit and turned off the  LED display. Who does not remember the Cassio AT-550 from the 80’s with calculator and touchscreen buttons on it’s panel? Today there are watches that can be connected with mobile phones that let you do what promises iWatch, with competitive prices (between $ 150.00 and U.S. $ 700.00) and battery that can last up to a year. Some models are Americans Pebble and Cookoo of Kickstarter, the Japanese Sony SmartWatch and the Italian I’m Watch.

Given the facts, where from Apple will take THE revolution? Well, we will have to wait and see.

And you, what do you think? Innovation or marketing strategy? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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