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When technology meets fashion


London is the most talked about city in the fashion world and now a days are also merging technology and fashion in order to bring innovation to the retail sector companies at the intersection of technology and creative industries.

Web companies like ASOS and Net-A-Porter have built large businesses by harnessing the Internet to disrupt the fashion industry; the traditional retailers are now leveraging the talents of the next wave of young entrepreneurs to find new ways to integrate technology into their core offerings.

There is a big trend in retail based on merchandise and promotions that will not only be consistent across all retail channels, adapting to consumers who want to use different channels simultaneously, the offers will be personalized according to a specific consumer’s purchase patterns, social network affiliates, website visits, loyalty programs and other mined data.

Other London-based start-ups gaining traction include everything from specialist software developers through to social shopping platforms and media sites. .

There are also an increasing number of social shopping platforms that provides a monthly report of products such as shoes, bags and accessories to customers based on their “style profiles”


Lyst is a site that allows users to collate updates and items for thousands of leading brands, boutiques, bloggers and stylists.


Stylistpick sends monthly recommendations based on “styles profiles”


Bottica for little known designers of jewelry and other fashion accessories.


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