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Les Gourmands Club – Gastronomic travels without living home

Le GourmandThe Brazilians were never known as wine drinkers, but since a few years ago this has been changing, especially in large urban centers. With the emergence of the culture of wine, other products and services began to appear in the Brazilian market: wine tastings, harmonized dinners, gastronomic travels. Join to this a new trend of people receiving friends at home as a real option intead to go out to restaurants.

Building on this momentum, Fernanda Xavier and Paola Tedeschi, representative of the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners (ICIF) in Brazil, created the Les Gourmands Club.

The company’s concept is to create a club in which monthly the member receives an experience in your home a complete gastronomic experience. The ingredients are carefully selected and portioned to prepare a meal for four people. There are also two wines carefully chosen for a perfect harmonization.

Every quarter there will be a country theme, starting with Italy, followed by France, Iberian Countries, Asia, America and Brazil.

The dishes created by Paola Tedeschi are unique and designed to be prepared at home even by those who have no skill with pans. The wines that accompany the experience, are thought to an elegant matching. To complete the experience, there is also the radio Les Gourmands Club, available online and in an iPhone app, with a selection of songs to accompany the whole experience. The kit also comes with lots od cultural information and curiosity facts about the chosen area.

The monthly fee is about U$ 230.00 for the kit of 4 people. The company now has six months old and is preparing for an expansion of 200 new members per quarter.

Sounds good? So run because the company limited the number of members to 1,000. For this size the founders believe is ideal to maintain the quality and proximity to the associates.

Source: Startupi


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