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HTML5 – The operating system war is over


The operating system war is over. After every war comes the calm and today “the calm” is called HTML5. There are a couple of new trendy words that really explain what happened.
The Cloud movement was a continuation of SaaS, and forced large companies like Microsoft to export their services so they could be used in a web browser (Office365). Google is also following this strategy (Gmail, GDocs or GDrive).

No matter what operating system you’re using, no matter the browser, the thing is to get a good position focused on the future of services offered by companies.

Companies like Mozilla are working hard to help define W3C standards that can enable a common way across all browsers. A community of developers is being created to test and disseminate this movement.

Right now there are three points being worked on:

    1. Interfaces: responsive movement is helping to display HTML5 content in all types of device
    2. DOM Manipulation: at all levels jQuery and jQueryMobile have revolutionized and facilitated the dynamism and interactivity on websites
    3. Hardware: requires that devices (whatever) to communicate with browsers easily to extend the functionality using new WebApp’s are coming (I really recommend this article)

We are on the right path, just wait for the next revolution.
(We are on the right direction, just wait to draw the path)

Xavi LealGuest: Xavi Leal

Profession: Programmer and Innovator
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