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Travel and meet enterpreneurs worldwide!

Image As an entepreneur,  have you ever wonder when travelling if there are any interesting entepreneurs to meet where you are going? Well, that is exactly what START UP STAY is all about. It’s purpose is to connect enterpreneurs from all over the world to help them meet when they travel in order to exchange knowledge, ideas, and even find business partners. And even better, you can get tips, insights and better accomodation places or prices if there is a local entrepreneur who decides to host. Here is a video that illustrates how START UP STAY is going to make your business travel more interesting

START UP STAY was launched on November 2011. To access the community you need an invitation from a member or ask for it here.

Company name: Start Up Stay

Launch date: November 2011

Founders: Fred Caballero (@fredchannel) y Facundo Villaveiran (@facundov)


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