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Are you thinking where to start your own business?


For a few years now,  Latin America it’s being recognized as a great place to invest. Security and unstable economy are now things from the past, conditions have changed and goverments are developing policies that support enterpreneurship and innovation.

According to a studio done by Universidad del Rosario (Colombia) and the Consultancy Inteligencia de Negocios en Chile, here is a ranking of the top 10 cities to start a business:

1. Sao Paulo, Brasil

2. Santiago, Chile

3. Ciudad de México, México

4. Lima, Perú

5. Bogotá, Colombia

6. Porto Alegre, Brasil

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

8. Monterrey, México

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Belo Horizonte, Brasil

It’s surprising that Medellín didn’t make the list though… specially since is the Most Innovative City of 2012…

Source: Lincinews


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