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Anti-rape bra: an innovative solution to a social problem

India is one of the countries with the highest number of rapes on women. To defend against these attacks, women can expect soon an innovative product developed by Indian female students Manisha Mohan and Tripathy Rimpi. The students argue that molesters, rapists and gropers are more likely to begin a sexual attack by touching the woman’s breasts which makes it the perfect place to conceal an anti-rape device.
Therefore they created a bra that detect the first sign of being forcibly removed frees up to 82 discharges of electrical shock. Whenever the bra sends out an electric shock, it also automatically sends an SOS text message to the victim’s family or the police which contains her GPS location as well.

Anti-rape bra crated by Manisha Mohan and Tripathy Rimpi

Source: GuizmoWatch and Petiscos


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