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Google I/O 2013: Day 1


Google I/O is an anual congress for web developers organized by Google. This event serves as a stage to present and debate the latest Google web apps and open technologies on the Internet. This event has been yearly for the past 5 years at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

This year´s awaited Google I/O lasts from May 14th to may 17th.

Here is a quick summary of what happened during the lenghthy 3 hours and a half conference on Day 1:

1. Growth of Android and its platform

Android is already a success but they plan on making it even bigger. They have announced novelties and improvements for developers in their development SDK and API: sincronized notifications between different devices, and even in the Android Studio, the new platform for programming in Android.

2. New games platform for Android and the redesign of Google Maps

Google Play Games is the name of the new videogame platform for mobile Android and Chrome mobile devices, which will also be available for iOS. This platform will directly compete with Game Center. Some of the features are: player ranking, trophy system and multiplayer online matches.

Google Maps has been completely redesigned both for its web version and app. The new Maps has a great new look, which allows full screen and a new system which allows the user to use their own maps, based on personal searches, favorite places and Google+ recommendations. Google Maps will now be much more social.

3. Galaxy S4 with Android

Even though there was no new Nexus phone, a new version of the populat Galaxy S4 was presented: “Galaxy S4 Google Edition”. One that runs purely with an Android operating system, instead of Samsung´s TouchWiz.

4. Renewed Google+ and a more powerful Google Search

Google is still betting strong on Google+, still attempting to compete against facebook and their world spread success. They are doing this by continously changing Google+ and adding new things to it. This time they have presented a more attractive interface and new functions such as “Communities” with which they want to empower the platform. In the redesign they have optimized photo uploading, and have added simple tools to edit your photos.

Google Search is now more personal, and now also includes voice commands (in the Google Now style). Music All Access is also new in the scene, a platform for music streaming just like Spotify.

5. New Hangouts for Multiplatform Messaging

Google Hangouts has been renewed, they are now offering a sustitute to Gtalk or Google+ Messenger with a new messaging app available for Android, iOS and Chrome, with an attractive interface as well as the well known group video calls.

What was missed?

Users and developers who attemped Day 1 of Google I/O, as well as millions of users viewing online are still awaiting for some of the most speculated announcements and new devices. In the next few days we will find out if there will be a Nexus 4, Motorola X Phone or a new version of Android.


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