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Google I/O 2013: The most important announcements

Without a doubt, day one was the one full of new announcements for the typical consumer, days 2 and 3 were more about technical presentations for developers interest.

An important annoncement we didn’t talk about before was Google Music All Access, which pretends to compete with Spotify, it´s actually only avaliable in the US, and its going to offer an unlimited access for USD 9.99 per month.


Below, we are summarizing the most interesting things presented during  Google I/O 2013, some of the are more explained on the previous posts about this event:

Galaxy S4 is being converted and adaptaded to a Nexus by the installation of the Android Jelly bean pure, which means, without any customization

Google Play Games, as an important platform for developers.

Google Wallet integrated with Gmail so people can send money by email… sound interesting, but safe?

Google+ Redesign, as we posted on day 1 summary, Google keeps improving their social nework with new features, lighter design

Google Hangouts, as the new App for chatting, looking forward to become more used than WhatsApp, we will see…

Google Maps, simpler platform, minimal and less clicks for the user to get what he wants

Google serach now has voice recognition, they think about it as a more personal interaction, I praticularly think, it’s going to be a social revolution if we talk about inclusion.

Google Glasses, expecting to get more popular with new applications. There are some magazines now preparing to offer special features with them.

– And of course, Google Music All Access, we talked before.

As Larry Page said, they are only at the 1% of they are capable of, for sure Google is going to surprise us more in the near future!


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