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Build a new company in 54 hours at the Start Up Weekend!

Start Up Weekend is a global event that take place in 15 different cities around the world next weekend (June 6th to 8th)

Medellin is one of those cities. The Start Up Weekend will be placed in EAFIT a local university.

Here is a presentation video (it’s in spanish!)

Registration is now open, there are 3 profiles of participants: designers, software developers and marketing and business people.

How does it work?

Step 1. Elevator pitch of ideas

Step 2. Voting for best ideas and Team’s confo

Step 3. Mentoring & Team Work

Step 4. Presentation of projects to jury

Step 5. Winners’ announcement

During the whole event there will be networking spaces, food and a lot of work even through the night!!

Business and marketing people quota is already full, designers and developers go for it!

For more details visit: http://medellin.startupweekend.org/


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