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Nós.vc and Cinese.me: Brazilian Crowdlearning Projects

We’ve talked here at 3Sixty about the Coursera crowdlearning project, where anyone can learn from the best professors at universities around the world. But these two projects in Brazil have a different proposal.

Both Nós.vc as Cinese.me run the same principle: You have something to teach? Or want to learn something? You can use the platform to solve this.

How does it work?

Platforms help create and publicize gatherings between those who want to teach and those interested in learning. You can even suggest topics. The events are published and those that can close a number of people are realized. Gatherings may be courses, workshops, debates or any other learning activity. Can be paid or free. Can happen in a bar, a park or even a room. Anyone can learn and teach.

You can participate as an Organizer/Developer or as Participant/Finder. All need to subscribe on the platform and nothing prevents participate with both profiles, after all the goal is to share knowledge. The creation of the events is free. The organizer sets whether the event is free or paid. In the case of events paid a percentage of the amount paid by each participant is used to maintain the platform.

Here is a Nos.vc presentation video in portuguese

Now we wait for the next crowdsometing appear …


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