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Homeward Bound: Why women are embracing the new domescity

For a while now I have been following a new trend, which I personally follow, called the DIY movement. Even though I am a follower of the trend, I happen to question the way in which this trend has been generalized and accepted, the way in which we have converted the DIY (handmade or craft) concept to such daily terms that it seems as life before it didn’t even exist: what did we do before with our free time?

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Photo 1. Spanish top model Eugenia Silva knitting in a photo from her website

As we browse the internet we find hundreds of pages in which it looks like the world is the color pink, and we discover that in times of crisis it is possible to live a more happy life if you become your very own provider of the products that you consume.

As I researched this topic, I found the book “Homeward Bound: Why women are embracing the new domesticity” by Emily Marchar.

Beyond my questions, Matchar describes the people behind this revolution, as women between 21 and 30 who are worried with sustainability, DIY culture, and personal growth… who want to move away from their rural origins and are otherwise concerned with growing vegetables in the pots hanging from their balconies, organizing DIY megaparties for their children and baking homemade cupcakes, muffins or macarons or why not… even the new cronuts.

Martchar observes the ways in which young people today feel as if they have failed themselves, their family, and even society in general because of the current economic stall, companies’ inflexibility and the general labor situation. She asks, what has been our answer to this? We are trying to build a life with objectives, a life where we can make things with our own hands and come back to our origins.

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By writing this blog post I encourage every person who is involved in the DIY movement to keep it up even after the crisis is over… and in the mean time we should continue to develop our creative spirit (maybe with a Little help from Matchar’s book, a worth while read).

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