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Jumping Queues


Don´t queue

The other day I causally read about the winner of the Design for Experience award for Complete Customer Experience, Workshop Cafe.Customers here are able to reserve their seats using a custom mobile app and can order food  using SMS, email, or voicemail, eliminating the need to wait in line or compete for seating.


This got me thinking about the British tradition of waiting queues- Britons will spend almost six months of their life queuing– However, due to people nowadays are so time-poor that anything you can do to squeeze them an extra few minutes helps, some British Startups have developed a way to jump the queue.


Bar Pass is an app that lets drinkers order and pay for a round at their table, then collect their beverages when the bartender has poured or pulled them.

Bar Pass and competitors Q App, which is working with Nimax cinemas and London’s South Bank theater, and YQ? – which says it’s been testing its technology in smaller London venues – aim to revolutionize Britain’s cherished pub culture. In the U.S., apps such as Prio and Dash offer similar services.

The underlying assertion in this idea is that in a multi-channel world, with so many ways customers can engage with companies, there’s the opportunity and challenge to help brands to be able to support the customer experience at every touch-point – whether physical, digital or the most seamless integration of the two.


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